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Health Care Providers
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Online Journaling for Health Care Providers
My Therapy Journal provides the first-ever, therapy-oriented online journaling tool.  We provide health care providers with a state-of-the-art journaling tool; based on cognitive behavior therapy.  We have the best and only solution of its kind.  Learn more >>

My Therapy Journal gives individuals and health care providers the most advanced, private, and secure online journaling tool.  Additionally, our proprietary software also allows users to track progress of personally set goals using graphing software based on cognitive behavioral therapy.  A unique feature: Progress GraphTM.  Thus, patients and health providers can create pre-set questions based on your needs.  Based on your user’s answers, graphs are automatically created to help measure progress.  Take a tour > >

The process of journaling has been empirically shown to make therapy more effective, reduce health care costs, and diminish symptoms of depression, anxiety, panic, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress, and many other disorders.  Additionally, journaling has scientifically demonstrated benefits including improved physical health and overall mental well-being.  For more details on the science of journaling and why it works, click here.

Contact us to learn how we will customize a journaling program based on your needs.  We focus on your goals.  

Online Journaling for Health Care Providers
•    Reduce costs
•    Improve productivity
•    Provide patients and clients with a new tool that improves their lives
•    Improve patient care
•    Boost service revenues
•    Among other health care needs

Our Health Care Clients include:

•    Treatment Centers (including university health and psychological centers)
•    Hospitals
•    Health Clinics
•    Insurance Organizations and Providers
•    Mental Health Providers
•    Military
•    Health Research Institutions
•    Health Awareness and Not-for-profit Organizations

My Therapy Journal online journaling for health care

Our customized journaling program is being used by the following health care providers:

Treatment Centers = Some of these include university and college psychological centers of both large and small institutions.  Centers dedicated to specific populations such as people with HIV+ and AIDS, people with disabilities, LGTBQ individuals, survivors of trauma or abuse, and/or members of AA, NA, Al-Anon, Alateen, among others.

Hospitals and Health Clinics = Some of these include clinics for people recovering from an addiction such as heroine, alcohol, gambling, sex, or even overspending.  Hospital departments dealing with everything from trauma, chronic illness, and chronic pain to treatment adherence, post-operation recovery, and grief due to loss of a loved one.

Insurance Organizations and Providers = Insurance companies utilize our tool as part of health packages.  These sometimes accompany treatment with mental health or medical professionals, and sometimes they don’t.  It also helps clients keep track of how effective different treatments have been over a long period of time.

Mental Health Providers = Both the journaling and progress tracking components of My Therapy Journal are invaluable tools for mental health providers.  It not only allows for the provider to have observable results of the treatment at hand, but it also allows the treatment to remain ongoing through the week, even in the provider’s absence.  Psychodynamically-oriented therapists use My Therapy Journal for the journaling component of it whereas cognitive behavior oriented therapists use it for the progress tracking graph.  Psychiatrists use it to help clients track symptoms and how certain medications might be affecting these.  Life coaches appear to utilize both the journaling and graphing components with their clients.  Family and couple therapists also do this, and find themselves tailoring the graphing questions so that all members in the family track the same behavior and/or emotion simultaneously.

Military =
The number of American and Canadian troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan is enormous, and the population of them with PTSD is as well.  Both the journaling’s ability to allow for clients to create chronological narratives of their experience and the emotions associated with them, and the progress graph’s ability to have them observe themselves objectively, prove to be invaluable components of treatment and re-adjustment into civilian life.

Health Research Institutions = Pharmaceutical companies aiming at having their medications tested by human participants use My Therapy Journal as a simple, and cost-effective way of tracking the results of their medication on any target symptom or population.   Data is collected by each participant’s self-report and is delivered already graphed and mapped out chronologically.  Participants also use the other benefits of My Therapy Journal and feel empowered by their ability to track their own reactions to the new medication.

Health Awareness Organizations = not-for-profit health organizations have embraced My Therapy Journal as a partner in their goals to improve the life of their members and participants.

Online Journaling for Health Care Providers
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